Chapman History

It seems that religious services were conducted at the present location of the Chapman Church of Christ as far back as 1897 when two men, Mr. Copeland and Mr. Shrigley, conducted a series of meetings here.  For many years services were conducted in various places throughout the community, in brush arbors, and the old Chapman schoolhouse.  A building called Bethel was used for a good many years then through lack of interest and leadership the work was discontinued.

In 1926 a few brethren met at the old building “Bethel”, cleaned and cleared away the rubbish, did repairs on the building, and with a Brother Chess Cranford preaching, they met for worship and organized the Church according to the New Testament pattern.

In 1927 Brother Edward Caddock conducted the first Gospel Meeting for these brethren with great interest and numerical results.  Following this, Brethren Hugo McCord and J.D. Tant conducted evangelistic meetings and the church grew in number, in favor with God and man.

About this time Brother W.R. Willcut came for a meeting and continued to return for monthly appointments until his death in a car accident in the early 1940’s.  It is estimated that Brother Willcut did more for the cause in this area that any other man during the critical years.

In 1938 the brethren built the first building of the Chapman Church of Christ at the present location.  Brethren Frank Mauney and Homer Mauney seem to have taken the lead in this building.  Brother Willcut held the first meetings in the new building.

In 1949 Brother O.D. McKendree came for his first gospel meeting and from all reports it really was a gospel meeting of interest and zeal.  Brother McKendree is due much credit for the growth and progress that has been seen in recent years.

Also in 1949 the building was remodeled and classrooms added.  Steady growth has been the order since that time.  Brother Eural Wade, father of Tommy Wade, preached from 1954 to 1956.

Photo taken in the 1950’s.

The church grew to the extent that in 1965 it became necessary to once again enlarge. At this time the building was bricked, three classrooms, and the baptistery added.

On August 23, 1961 a cemetery was established on land donated by Brother and Sister Jeff Young to the trustees of Chapman Church of Christ Cemetery.

In 1967 the church had grown to the extent that a full-time preacher was needed and a new three-bedroom brick preacher’s home was built and paid for the same year.  The first full-time minister to live in the community was Brother Richard Chandler.  In August of 1969 Brother Lester B. Coats and family moved into the preacher’s home and served until 1975.

One of the truly great steps of the Lord’s Church at Chapman was the appointment of Elders and Deacons on August 2, 1970.  In 1971 a new modern three hundred eighty-six-seat auditorium was begun and completed.

In 1975 Brother James Davis became the preacher.  He stayed about two years and was replaced by Jim Savage, who stayed only one year.  In May of 1978 Brother Ed Casteel became the preacher and served over five years.

In February of 1981, a fire destroyed the old building that was used for classrooms and library.  A new Educational Section was build onto the auditorium and was paid for the same year.  The new building was dedicated May 31, 1981 with an open house service.

In August of 1983, Wilburn R. Ashby came and worked with the Chapman Church for nine years.  In August of 1992, Gilbert Gough began his work with the church and stayed 10 years.

In August of 2002, Mark Lindley began working with the church and has helped the church here at Chapman grow and continue to encourage us to help the church grow.  

In July of 2011 a new Fellowship Building of 5,000 square feet was completed. Our prayers are that we may continue to grow in love, in faith and in number, as God would have us to do.

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